The Cellar Letters

Way to easy to binge this!

I am starting with a conservative 4 star. As I listen more and more I grow more and more intrigued. Don’t get me wrong… from episode one it’s an extremely easy listen… as each episode rolls into the next nearly seamlessly, it also leaves one wondering what actually happens when first hear the “recordings”. This also plays more into a scripted narrative as opposed to the typical dry “recordings” type podcasts.

One of the best things about this incredible show is the subtle or even blatant comedic relief. It almost adds that false sense of security. Soon following the legitimate belly laugh and now the Bo Burnham style diddy of a theme song introduced in episode 15 or 16 you get thrown RIGHT back into the creepy folds that these talents have delivered…

I’m way to picky on podcasts. Personal tastes aren’t changed by saturating your palette with the flavors you can’t stand… this has achieved just that for me. I would like to thank this crew for a show I’ve been looking for and am actually excited to binge the rest of this 50 or so episode podcast. So thanks!

May 1, 2022 by GladToFind on Apple Podcasts

The Cellar Letters