The Cellar Letters

The Cellar Letters

A Weekly Horror Series

My friend and I thought we would move to the East Coast to get some fresh air and try something new. We can't explain it, but something about the new house

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Recent Episodes

Episode 20 - The Mirror Pt. 3

May 30, 2021

Steve is still in there and it looks like Jim just got home. I need to get him out. If you enjoy th…

May 2021 Patreon Q&A

May 29, 2021

Jay and I sit down and answer some Patron questions with a special guest! If you'd like to watch th…

Episode 19 - The Mirror Pt. 2

May 12, 2021

I'm still trapped in the basement and that... thing... is heading towards Steve. I need to warn him…

Episode 18 - The Mirror

May 2, 2021

Steve is probably up in the attic by now... so it's my turn. I'm going to go in the basement and se…

Jimtom of the Opera

April 24, 2021

Steve won't stop. Nobody wants these damn songs. He picked the name... Send your hate mail to TheCe…

Episode 17 - The Attic

April 18, 2021

Steve is checking out Jim's attic. There has to be something up there. Anything. The Cellar Letters…

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A few things

Hey everyone. Nate here. Just a few quick things. We aren't going to be putting out a new episode this week. A few listeners told me that the first episo…

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