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I love the story. I didn't expect to like it so much but its actually refusing.


you guys do awesome I love the 2 way one bein so excited the other being excited then down or scared y’all do amazing together and I really hope this podcast continues and y’all keep doing what y’all are doing

This is hardly a masterpiece in either storytelling or a show of technical skills, but there's something really comforting about listening to the creepy audiofiction equivalent of two large easily-startled puppies trying to figure out how a door works. The acting is very endearing and it's easy to cheer these bros on as they continue to get spooped by architecture and bits of paper.

Phenomenal podcast!! My #1 favorite

Malevolent has been my favorite podcast since I stumbled upon it shortly after its release. First episode had me hooked! The acting is phenomenal, storyline is gripping, writing is like no other podcast out there! I honestly do not know how you could give it anything other than a 5⭐️rating! Unless it is to beg for more episodes per month ☺️ if you love horror with depth and suspense, this is the podcast for you!


A remarkable journey. The narrator—Nate—has enough creepy stuff going on…but his recordings carry additional chills. The podcast rewards a close listen with glimpses of horror that Nate can not (will not?) see.

Spooky and fun, with some really engaging characters. I quite enjoyed the musical interludes. I'm very worried about the dog....

What happens when some almost-bros move into a haunted house? Find out with the Cellar Letters. This is a hilariously different POV on the haunted house and I definitely recommend you give it a shot if you like comedic spooky

Season 3 starting with a bang!

I love the cellar letters, it has been a fun ride through and through. The show has a catching story, likable characters and a dog! Season 3 episode 1 shows great signs of how the show may grow and evolve by introducing a new character and giving the listener more questions about what is really happening.

It's been a long time since I've been this invested into a audio drama. Just the perfect horror story tempered with the right amount of humour! Loving it


Honestly an interesting show.

When I first listened, I wasn't prepared for how funny I'd find this podcast. It certainly falls within the realm of Horror, but there is a very healthy dash of comedy in the mix to help alleviate the stress of listening. You can sense the enthusiasm, Jamie the creator, has for storytelling and it's intoxicating to listen to, in the same way listening to someone enthusiastically tell you about anything they truly love.

The scares are quiet and subtle, which makes them more intense. There are really two mysteries at work here--the basement of the house, and the narrator's past. As the two become more intertwined, the story becomes more personal and more affecting. There are times you'll have to use headphones, but the softness is creepier.

Keep listening

When I started this I wasn’t sure what to think. I finally resolved to listen seriously and started over at the first episode. It really grew on me. Yes, it moves a little too slowly in places, but it is creepy without being gory, and I find myself wanting to know what will happen. I hope it continues into season 3 as there are many loose ends.

Way to easy to binge this!

I am starting with a conservative 4 star. As I listen more and more I grow more and more intrigued. Don’t get me wrong… from episode one it’s an extremely easy listen… as each episode rolls into the next nearly seamlessly, it also leaves one wondering what actually happens when first hear the “recordings”. This also plays more into a scripted narrative as opposed to the typical dry “recordings” type podcasts. One of the best things about this incredible show is the subtle or even blatant comedic relief. It almost adds that false sense of security. Soon following the legitimate belly laugh and now the Bo Burnham style diddy of a theme song introduced in episode 15 or 16 you get thrown RIGHT back into the creepy folds that these talents have delivered… I’m way to picky on podcasts. Personal tastes aren’t changed by saturating your palette with the flavors you can’t stand… this has achieved just that for me. I would like to thank this crew for a show I’ve been looking for and am actually excited to binge the rest of this 50 or so episode podcast. So thanks!

Truly, I have never felt so represented in horror as a forgetful goofyass dude. The way that this show tracked my exact emotional trajectory during The Rona is upsetting and impressive. Also, there's just not very much high quality horror comedy in podcasting right now, which I think is partly why The Cellar Letters has rightly become one of THE big-name horror podcasts right now! #JusticeForSteve

Solid premise well executed

it's hard to find ideas that are so quickly understandable, but then yield hours of story. The Cellar Letters thankfully is just that. The eerie discovery, the sustained tone. This is a fun one.

Got caught up today and loved the whole show so far, can't wait to hear more! Only suggestion is lowering the sound of the beeps, as listening in the car is difficult with this one. Didn't detract from the greatness of 'The Cellar Letter' however :)

Omg it’s so good

The banter between the two main characters is sarcastic comedy gold. The acting is really really great. Throw in that it’s also legitimately creepy and it’s just fantastic. It has a real life kinda feel to it. Very reminiscent of paranormal activity. I love how there’s no narrator or summaries or breaking of the fourth wall - it’s just the tapes they recorded and nothing else.

Awesome show

Loved it from initial listen! - Courtney

If you are looking for Spooky…

Then you have come to the right place! The hardest part is the WAIT…Only because I want to hear the rest so badly. I love Spooky/Eerie Horror Fiction Podcasts. I found this from the LIKEWISE APP that tells you great Podcast recommendations. If someone is looking for this Genre, I ALWAYS recommend The Cellar Letters !

Spooky Fun!

I always look for a podcast that is mysterious and exciting to listen to at work. Extra points for a mild creep factor. I don’t like straight horror. But a little bit it’s kind of fun. Most would argue this is too scary. But it works out good enough for me. The two characters are funny actually! They had me laughing a few times! The episodes are anywhere from 8 to 11 minutes so it’s a great binge. All in all, if you like a little extra creep factor on top of a pretty good story, fast paced, and some quirky moments, this is perfect for you!

Fun and ever changing - I miss Steve and the banter!

The first season is a wild ride that makes the entire spooky adventure a thousand times better with Steve and Nate riffing off each other — sometimes a little too much — but it’s an awesome dynamic. 4 / 5 - if Steve and the banter came back then it’d be a 5-star.

horror audiodrama

wow, since ive discovered 9 to midnight ive been going through each inidividual audio drama and horror novelization i could find and this is one of the best! ... and heres the BUT, the sound design is both amazing... and kinda sucky (no limit in volume) when things get loud or the characters get super whispery. big fan of the characters, story but yea the exectution needs to be refined a bit as im sure most listeners use headphones and that need some sorta consistency

Whoa! Scary.

I found this from a FB podcasting group, and boy am I glad to find it! I started listening Friday evening while doing paperwork in my office. The building was mostly empty and I was headed out soon. As I listened I found myself looking over my shoulder, making sure my office door was still closed lol. Good voice acting and making a great show with a minimalist format. Just voices and space. Not many storytelling podcasts use silence so effectively. Silence is usually good to avoid in an audio format but somehow this show uses it in an organic and meaningful way. Excited to binge the episodes, and super excited it’s still in production.

So glad I discovered this show!

Scary. Funny. Unsettling. Heartfelt. The Cellar Letters is an incredible show of twists and turns that run the gamut of emotions. My favorite kind of horror. The characters feel like people I know, or maybe am?

Great New Podcast

Absolutely love the show. It’s both funny and horrifying at times. The story is very engaging and I always look forward to hearing what happens next! Great show! Great story! Great voice acting!

An Enjoyable Creep Fest

Pretty much what I want out of a found footage podcast: creepy premise, leads with a fun dynamic, and a story that builds out far past what it seems. Aka a pretty fun time

Edge of your seat horror

Genuinely terrifying and hilarious, often at the same time. Between the jokes and the jump scares, this show grabs your attention and won't let go. The main characters' silliness endears them to the listener, and in a strange way lends authenticity to the haunting mystery they begin to unravel. I can listen to five episodes without blinking or noticing time has passed.

Genuinely terrifying and hilarious, often at the same time. Between the jokes and the jump scares, this show grabs your attention and won't let go. The main characters' silliness endears them to the listener, and in a strange way lends authenticity to the haunting mystery they begin to unravel. I can listen to five episodes without blinking or noticing time has passed.

Spooky, Short & Fantastic!

I love love the short episodes- don’t get me wrong, I love hour long podcast episodes too but there’s just something about 15 minutes of creepy! Keep up the creeps!