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Spooky, Short & Fantastic!

I love love the short episodes- don’t get me wrong, I love hour long podcast episodes too but there’s just something about 15 minutes of creepy! Keep up the creeps!

All Around Good Pod

Scary, funny at times, good writing, good acting

5*’s (but now 4*’s)

“Chilling. Funny. Fantastic. A phenomenal new(ish) podcast, give it a listen. You won’t regret it!” That was my original review.. but now I have taken it down to four *’s opposed tkk on five because there isn’t a consistent episode release day and it has lost it’s initial humor and intrigue. Definitely still worth a listen, but it has lost a bit of its appeal for me.

Utterly Immersive!

What a fantastic audio drama this is. Right from the start you're immersed into the story and it just doesn't stop. The creators have done such a fantastic job to make this show believable and it really adds to the effectiveness of the the horror elements. Highly recommend giving this a listen!

This is the first horror podcast I’ve listen that honestly hooked me and creeped me out!

The sound is iffy, but it’s still worth a listen. Scary good.

Uh oh, it's a house

Well-acted slow-burn two-hander. Knows when to get spooky. Listen closely.

Never enter the basement.

Never enter the basement. Or the cellar. But if you do, bring this pod along to scare the bejeezus out of you. You will not be disappointed unless that's your thing.


This podcast kind of pulls you with the lighthearted fumbling ay the very begining. As it goes on, it keeps you drawn in with the stories and twist. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.

This is such a gem! Spooky, funny, with relatable and utterly charming characters. I just binged the first 10 episodes of The Cellar Letters and I´m totally hooked! It´s so entertaining, with a witty dialogue, well acted and the story takes so many funny, unpredictable and scary turns. The sound design is a bit rough around the edges, and that´s actually absolutely perfect for this show. Update: after listening to more episodes I find this gets better with everyone. The sound design improves a lot, it gets even funnier (it has the best advertisement for patronage I've ever heard) and all in all this is just a blast and I enjoy every minute

Spooky fun!

Found this recommendation through a Magnus Archives thread. It’s a really fun, spooky listen. I love the relationship between the guys, and how they include pop culture references in their conversations like so many of us do. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds! Great show!

really love this show!!!

so good and SO creepy!! the characters are really fun and real, and the slow-burn horror really works. i’ve laughed, i’ve jumped with the jump scares, and i can’t wait for more! would totally recommend

so FUN and so SPOOKY. well acted, well written, and so perfectly eases you into the scares and i’ve been spooked by some jumps on more than one occasion. there are some moments that feel so real and charming. awesome vibe! but will definitely pause and think before stepping into dark basements now lol. absolutely recommend this show to anyone who enjoys having fun and being spooked!!! can’t wait for more. (also there’s a dog??? amazing)


I listen to a lot of horror podcasts, and this one may be a new favorite. I love how silly and serious it can be, and how it blends the two together. In addition it has managed to fill the hole in my heart left behind by TMA Steve and Nate are both hilarious and kinda relatable, really cool character and story overall.

Really funny and terrifying!

I love how the creators have managed to blend both comedy and horror into a very cool combo. Also I love the story format and the characters are very relatable!

Utterly terrifying

Exactly why basements are horrifying. Every basement fear realized😂 That being said, from the first episode I was on the edge of my seat. The main character is a typical average Joe too, so totally relatable. Eery!

Best New Podcast of the Year!

Absolutely fantastic! Characters you like, great setting and creepy as could possibly be! My only complaint is that the overall sound could use a bit of compression/limiting. The audio peaks are way above the average sound level, it’s not so bad on headphones but listening through a good stereo system requires some serious tweaking, otherwise it’s perfect!

Spine chilling

This podcast is horrifying, I can’t believe that they included putting pizza rolls in the microwave. 🤢 who does that??? Absolute scariest part of this whole show. A fun and scary podcast that has a nice balance of humor and horror. I do recommend listening with headphones on, in a quiet place. I do not recommend listening at max volume, since there is a fair amount of slamming and shouting as you delve into the series. Can’t wait for more >:]

Spooky & silly

I love the spooky storyline, I’m invested in the characters, and the humor is awesome. Sound quality is bad, but that makes it more authentic? I can’t wait for more episodes!!

Never enter the basement. Or the cellar. But if you do, bring this pod along to scare the bejeezus out of you. You will not be disappointed unless that's your thing.

Brilliant, spooky, well-acted. A must-listen in every regard.

Great fun! Genuine intrigue with some pretty charming humor to boot. Very curious to see where it goes.


Great sound, great actors and compelling story. Loved it!


Chilling. Funny. Fantastic. A phenomenal new(ish) podcast, give it a listen. You won’t regret it!

Creepy Funny suspenseful... I LOVE IT!!!!

Love these guys! New fave for sure!! Best theme song ever AND Fuck Jim!! 😉😉 I love the humor mixed into a wonderful suspenseful horror cast. 👍❤️

My new favorite podcast

This podcast is awesome! Creepy storyline with great acting and definitely some funny moments. Keep it up guys. Thoroughly enjoying this!

This is a really fun horror podcast. It's like a cross between a drunken Marble Hornets and the Dionaea House, but as a full cast audiodrama. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't give it a listen.


Going to make this short and sweet-LOVE IT!

Weird and Creepy

I first heard about this podcast on Reddit and checked it out. I’m so glad I did. I listened to 12 ep’s in one sitting and now I can’t wait for the next! Awesome awesome awesome and thanks for creeping me out and entertaining me during work.


My husband heard about this today and said to me "it's right up your alley". And it is. I'm at work (graphic design, so lots of time to listen uninterrupted), and on the 5th episode already. I've had to take out the earbuds three times now, due to the creep factor (and this office building is haunted, so perfect setting). The sound engineering is amazing, the acting is incredible. Please keep this going - wonderful work!!


I'm so excited to be the first person to review this show on Apple podcasts (and am also blown away that nobody has reviewed such an amazing show). This show is traditional slow burn creepy. Like that feeling when you're in the dark by yourself and you get goosebumps for no reason... Like that underlying "oh no" feeling when you hear footsteps in the house where you're hanging out...Alone. The Cellar Letters is not just a horror though. It's got some great gems of jokes that make me giggle every time. The audio improves as the season good on but the acting remains on fleek the whole way through. Definitely listen with headphones and be prepared to be enveloped in this amazing story!