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The hardest part is the WAIT…Only because I want to hear the rest so badly. I love Spooky/Eerie Horror Fiction Podcasts. I found this from the LIKEWISE APP that tells you great Podcast recommendations. If someone is looking for this Genre, I ALWAYS recommend The Cellar Letters !

CURRENT REVIEW: THIS had so much promise. I wonder if the Podcaster writes as he goes but isn’t quite sure where it’s going.

I HATE to write this. As an avid listener of Fiction Podcasts this is what I want: A Show that comes out on the same day that is at least 20-30 min. 2 weeks apart is the longest it can possibly go or we forget what happened in the last episode. Don’t worry about going for a year ! Make a fabulous show even if it’s 8 episodes every 2 weeks and it’s done. Much better to have Short and Fantastic than long and drawn out. The 10 min episodes are maddening after waiting for at least 2 weeks.

I feel like it should be “Remastered” Put Season 1 in 3 episodes. Do the same with S2 & S3.

There hasn’t been an episode now for months but I had no idea S3 was over.

S1 was 5 star. It got a little slower in S2 which I’d give a 4 star. S3 didn’t go anywhere. I’ll give it a 3 star only because I knew the character.

If a new episode comes out I will have to listen to the last episode to remind myself what happened.

April 12, 2023 by Tante143 on Apple Podcasts

The Cellar Letters