Dec. 18, 2020

Episode 3 - The Dark

Episode 3 - The Dark

Another sleepless night. I feel really bad for Steve. He's been acting weird ever since the basement. He hasn't said a word to me. I have nothing else to do but read these weird letters.

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The Cellar Letters



Episode Three - The Dark


Written and produced by Jamie Petronis and Jay Sayers



Nate reads two more letters.


Jamie Petronis as Nate

Nala as Bella

Content Warnings

paranoia (capgras delusion)



(he speaks quietly)


Hey guys. I'm really sorry that last recording ended so abruptly. My phone just completely died out of the blue.


Which is weird because I know for a fact my phone was at least over twenty percent. That annoying “hey you should probably charge your damn phone” notification never popped up. God I hate that thing. But when my phone died … obviously the flashlight app turned off. So I'm not gonna lie - and I'm not proud of this - I booked it up the stairs and out of the basement as fast as I fucking could.


I'm sorry if you guys can't hear me right now, I have to be a little quiet. I think Steve's sleeping … and I kind of feel like I owe it to him to be a little quiet. He had kind of a … rough night I guess.

(with pity) I don't think I've ever heard anything as high pitched as the sound that came out of Steve's mouth when the flashlight turned off.


So I was halfway up the stairs when I heard this blood-curdling scream and then when I was two feet away I heard this loud thud like I said it was pitch black down there so I'm sure he ran into a wall or tripped on the stairs or something.


God, when he got up the stairs he was so pissed. He must have thought I'd turned the light off on purpose for a prank or something. He kind of just stormed up to his room and didn't say anything. it's kind of weird - anyways it's like.. super late right now and I'm too jittery to go to bed so let's, uh, finish that letter I was reading before.

I have another, I can read too, if this doesn't put me to sleep.


(paper rustling) Oookay: Creepy letter, take two. Let's try this again. Sorry if this gets repetitive.


“203 Sycamore drive


I’m - I'm not sure if this is going to the right person. I don't even know if this is a real

address. I found it on some online message board. I’ve been having some ---experiences,I guess? Things that I can't explain. After writing about some of them, the others on the board suggested that I talk to you. They said you might be able to help me?... or, I don't know. Begin to explain whatever it is that's happening. It all started about a week ago at least that's the first time I actually remember something happening. It was Saturday the 12th.


I just got back from the grocery store. I was grabbing some snacks and some drinks from my daughter. She had a few friends over for a sleepover- I walked through the front door and immediately heard what sounded like running, going up the attic stairs - followed by a loud bang. So I put the snacks and soda on the counter and went upstairs towards the attic. I assumed it was just the girls making far too much noise. When I got closer to the door I began to hear what sounded like scratches on the attic floor- so I opened the door and yelled at them to keep it down. I waited a few seconds and didn't hear anything so I figured the girls got the message. So I went back downstairs to put the food away and saw my daughter and her friends sitting at the table eating. They said they were in the basement and didn't hear a thing. What was that upstairs?”


I don't know- I was kind of hoping you would tell me. Well I definitely don't like that.

What the hell was in the attic? I mean realistically it was probably just some kind of

animal or something … maybe a squirrel or a raccoon or something?


(distinct scratching sounds)


What the-

Bella?Bella, where are you?


(more scratching)


Bella! (sigh) Goddammit, Bella!

(in another room) Bella, get away from this door he's trying to sleep! Come here.

(Door closes) Girl, what are you doing it's way too late to be acting like that.


God she's been so weird all night. I'm not really sure what that's all about. You can't see it but she was just sitting there staring at the door.

I don't know. must be the excitement of having someone new in the house ...or just living in a new house in general.


Same, Bella there's definitely a weird energy in this house. (laughs) That might be the most crunchy granola thing i've ever said in my entire life. Probably couldn't top that if I tried.


Well, I'm still not tired. How about we open up that next letter huh?


“22 Thatcher Road


That's not my daughter. It may look like my daughter, it may sound like my daughter, it may even tell me that it loves me like my daughter did- but it isn't her. My daughter has always been such a kind-hearted, loving girl. Two months ago we found a little baby kitten out back, in the tool shed. Oh, she was so happy she's always wanted

a pet and when I saw her eyes light up I just couldn't say no. She was ecstatic. I swear, that smile didn't leave her face for a month. She absolutely loved that little guy. Well one day last week when she was at school, I went up to a room to feed him. And when I got up there I saw him lying on the floor, motionless, dead.


I was heartbroken. I had no idea how my little girl was going to handle this. I thought she was a little young to learn about life and death but it was something that I thought needed to be done. When she got home I sat her down on the couch, expecting the worst. I swallowed my emotions and told her: “sweetheart, I'm so sorry to tell you this but your kitten passed away. He's with god now.” (paper rustle)

She just looked at me blank and emotionless and said it's fine mommy, everything dies.


(Nate: What the fuck?)


My daughter would never say that she was someone that would cry if I killed the spider that got in the house. She would never say anything as cold as what that thing said.

There are hundreds and hundreds probably even thousands of books that discuss the maternal bond the effortless loving connection between a mother and her children

I don't feel that anymore. I haven't felt that since that day. Where is my daughter?”


Jesus, that was a little too heavy for 4AM. I don't even know what to think

I mean what's more likely, this little girl swapped out with some kind of

monster or... this woman has some kind of mental illness or something. I don't know. It's all just really sad. Okay it's getting pretty late I should probably try and sleep. Okay. Night!

(beep from the recorder it’s been turned off)


(beep from the recorder, it’s been turned on)



(in his sleep)

Please… please...