Nov. 8, 2022

Monday Recommendation - KILL FM

Monday Recommendation - KILL FM

Don't forget to buckle your seatbelt, this road isn't the safest...

K I L L FM is the brainchild of a bunch of audio drama creators who wanted to make something extra special and spooky.

Transcripts and segment credits, descriptions, and links are available on:

This special broadcast features (in order):

Wireland RanchThe Moon CrownEchoes (In) BetweenThe Supernatural Protection CompanyThe Liminal LandsDesert SkiesThe Madness of Chartrulean, and The Book of Constellations

with additional support from our other podcast friends: Untrue StoriesWhere the Leaves Fall PurpleThe Goblet WireThe Great Chameleon WarNeon ShadowsBlazed All Our LivesDragon ShantyShadow and SmokeStation BlueFinding PattersbyOctober's Children, and The Aberrant Report

Theme song and finished editing by Joseph Rutledge of Wireland Ranch

Cover art by Survival of the Artist

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